Who we are ?

We are acoustic solution providers, we design, manufacture, and install fixed seating solutions for auditoriums, theaters and more. We take care of the entire process, a complete turn key solution.We Relionco provide the complete solution for the Acoustics in association with Decibel ODD, Bulgaria, Europe.We joined our hands with Decibel to develop, produce, innovate and combine acoustic and soundproofing materials. We create noise control systems for residential, industrial and specialized projects. We focus on finding the optimal cost effect solutions available on the market. In case they don’t exist, we make it ourselves. Pure acoustic consultancy and designated product manufacturing have their limitations. They lack the very significant bond which creates true working solutions. We created the perfect blend between our in house acoustic consultancy (and R&D) and our own factory, where all solutions come to life . From the concept to the packaging and the shipping. All done under one roof. All tested and certified. Then we install and supervise. This way we complete the cycle and improve both our services and our products. Our main goal is always to find the most workable, technological and economically optimized solution. We focus on quality and design which adds value to each project.

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